This month’s letters: The failure of the assault weapons ban, TMCC’s computers, and more

The assault weapons ban failed

Michael Rottman (RN&R, September 2023) wrote: “We did actually ban assault weapons nationally (in) 1994.” Did we really?

Perhaps you’re too young to recall how it actually worked out back in the day. The so-called Assault Weapons Ban indeed banned the manufacture, transfer or possession of certain “assault weapons.” However, such firearms already manufactured or possessed before the act went into effect in 1994 were exempted. You not only could keep your AR or AK; you could transfer it! And an 11th-hour surge in manufacturing produced untold thousands that were readily available during the 10-year ban. In addition, many nearly identical scary-looking semi-automatic black rifles were sold which did not include enough specific minor features to qualify as “assault weapons.”

The 1994 ban greatly energized gun sales and dramatically increased the desirability of AR-style rifles. Assault weapon possession increased, and sales accelerated. The AR-style rifle is the most popular gun today. The Law of Unintended Consequences cannot be repealed.

Brian Adams, Reno

TMCC’s unaccounted-for computers

I’m not surprised about the Truckee Meadows Community College situation in the least (RN&R, September 2023). Public agencies in our area are structured to resist any employee who actually wants to do their job. I’m extremely interested to see how this turns out. The TMCC president doesn’t seem very interested in locating the equipment; maybe she can soak the taxpayers for replacement equipment.

John Listinsky, Reno

Will Amodei ever reject Trump?

I have friends, family members and work associates who worship the cult of Trump based on his word and murky internet conspiracy theories. When I joined the military, I pledged loyalty to the Constitution, not to Lyndon B. Johnson. We are a nation of laws based on judicial interpretation of the Constitution and its amendments. No “facts” have proved a stolen election in more than 60 attempts. Conversely, Trumpers who perpetrated a coup against the federal government are on trial, including Trump.

I’m asking Rep. Mark Amodei (RN&R, September 2023): Where do you stand, with the Constitution which you swore an oath to uphold—or with the Trump cult for your personal power?

Lynn Bauer, Reno

Decent folk must flee the GOP

Now that the Republican Party has become a criminal gang, no decent person should associate with it. If you look to one side and see white supremacists and Proud Boys, then look to your other side and see Nazis, crazy Q-Anoners and Oathkeepers, perhaps you are in the wrong place.

Leave this sick, perverted and indecent party and go independent—or live with the results and the example that you are setting for your kids and grandkids.

Pat McAnaney, Reno

Lombardo is ‘Gov. Veto’

Shelia Leslie (RN&R, August 2023) wrote about Gov. Joe Lombardo’s vetoes. As The Nevada Independent wrote, he “has set a new record for the most vetoes issued in a single legislative session, with the first-term Republican rejecting 75 bills passed by the Democrat-controlled Legislature … including a raft of housing bills that would have added new tenant protections and overhauled the state’s summary eviction procedures and a bill that would have continued funding universal free school breakfast and lunches at K-12 schools.”

Lombardo should be referred to by the nickname “Gov. Veto”

T.L., Lake Tahoe