Colbee Davis 


I think that it’s more about a sense of community and having something in common with friends. It’s less about celebrity and more about community. Now that the pandemic is over, people are gathering more in person. Taylor Swift is the celebrity that I like and follow. I like her music. She donates to charities and treats her staff and band well. At the end of her last tour, she gave them all huge bonuses. 

Oliver Davis 


People idolize celebrities as a form of escapism from their mundane lives. For them, the celebrity life is so exciting. Personally, I don’t think that it’s exciting. It’s the drama that people like. There’s something about it that makes people’s brains go, “Ohhh!” I don’t have a favorite celebrity. My life is exciting enough, and I stay away from drama. 

George Blackbern 

Sales consultant 

I watch a lot of sports, and people idolize athletes for their abilities on the field. They also follow them in their private lives. Some people look up to them for their charity work. I like Joe Montana for his quarterbacking skills and that he took the 49ers to win four Super Bowls. 

Debbie Belevan 

Investor relations 

People idolize celebrities for their super talent, good looks and money—the lifestyle of the rich and famous. I wonder why people idolize celebrities. I think that it’s a waste of time. People feel bad about their own lives, that they’re not like the celebrities, and their own lives aren’t good enough. and question their own quality of life. I don’t have a specific celebrity that I like, but I like a lot of musicians and actors. 

Alvaro Belevan 

Investment banking 

People don’t know any better and don’t educate themselves on anything. Celebrities offer an easy opinion on things, and then people don’t have to form their own opinion. Celebrities want to be the center of attention. Idolization is a reflection of people’s intellect, which is generally pretty low. Following celebrities makes life easy for them. My favorite celebrity is Daniel Day-Lewis. He’s a celebrity without being a celebrity. He’s the greatest at his profession and sticks to it and doesn’t need to comment on anything else. 

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