Amilia Cerney 

Digital engagement specialist 

I have a 2-year-old blue fawn French bulldog named Juniper. She snorts like a pig and farts a lot. Juniper talks and howls like a human—and always wants to be the center of attention. She really loves hot dogs, so she would drive the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. 

Reed Barrus 

Temp worker 

My cat, Levi, is a tabby and would drive a BMW for sure! Levi has a self-inflated image and has expensive taste. My cat is meticulous in taking care of himself; he’s very well self-groomed, so he would appreciate the precision German engineering of a BMW car. 

Marissa Jauregui 

Marketing manager 

I have two toy schnauzers named Daisy and Jameson. Daisy is feisty, fierce and fabulous, and would drive a pink Porsche. Jameson, on the other hand, is very chill, has flair, is observant and is ecologically aware. Jameson would drive a Mini Cooper. 

Davis Herman 

Investment adviser 

Milo is my black cat. He is a rock ’n’ roll hard-ass. He acts like he owns the place. He attacks me for no reason. He’d drive a black Dodge Charger and go cruising down the strip with his green eyes looking for girl cats to pick up. 

Miranda Cuellar Rios 

Nail artist 

I have three pets. Guapo is a pug Shih Tzu and would drive a Prius, because he is aware of his carbon footprint. Ice Cube is a Maltese poodle; he is a self-obsessed, manly dog and would drive a big, macho GMC truck. Tito is a super-fit granola “woke” dog and wouldn’t drive a car. Tito is environmentally friendly and would ride a bicycle.

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