Fabulous food truck finds: Crawfish sliders, Balinese chicken skewers and Oreo pie!

For those of us in the foodie community, summer in Reno means one thing: food trucks.  Who knew that the Biggest Little City would become such a hub for mobile food vendors? With weekly food truck gatherings like Feed the Camel on Wednesdays, and Food Truck Fridays, as well a bounty of outdoor music events that feature food trucks, it seems there’s a whole world of food on the go—and that trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon. 

While fun, food-truck gatherings pose some questions: Which truck? What item to order? Will it be worth it? Ordering food from a truck is already a quirky experience, and it can be disappointing to wait in a long line, only to end up siting on the ground with a dish that’s underwhelming.  

I’ve put in the grueling research to come up with a few dishes that I was impressed with—in case you find yourself in the same position. 

What: crawfish sliders 

Where: NOLA Sliders 

Contact: www.facebook.com/nolasliders 

Price: $15 

With his tagline of “violent burgers, destructive taste,” Jeremiah John of NOLA Sliders has been bringing big smash-burger flavors in a slider package to Reno since 2022. I recently paid a visit while at Feed the Camel, the food-truck gathering in the McKinley Arts & Culture Center parking lot on Wednesday evenings, and noticed the summer special crawfish sliders on the menu. I’m so glad I gave it a try. 

The crawfish sliders, or “crawfish bois,” are inspired by a classic New Orleans festival food called crawfish bread. Pieces of crawfish are chopped small and smothered in a thick, cheesy Cajun-spiced sauce. While one might not normally consider seafood and cheese to be a natural combination, this one works very well—and proves the NOLA Sliders food truck perfectly represents the Big Easy’s catchphrase: Laissez les bons temps rouler. Let the good times roll. 

What: sate ayam 

Where: Bali Express 

Contact: www.baliexpress2023.com 

Price: $15 

The Bali Express food truck offers Reno’s only access to Balinese cuisine. Launched in 2023 by owners Koming Suryani and Barry Williams, this truck has quickly become one of my favorites because of the bold flavors unlike anything else in town. If you’re hesitant to try foods you might not be able to pronounce, the sate ayam is a great introduction that bridges the new and familiar. 

Chicken skewers are topped with peanut sauce and served over a bed of coconut curry rice. While the chicken is delicious and has a flavorful rub that coats every bite, the real star of this dish is the peanut sauce, which is thick, textured and fragrant with spices, herbs and heat, making it uniquely delicious. Pro tip: You can buy the peanut sauce to take home, making it a cinch to prepare fabulous peanut noodles on your own. 

What: frozen Oreo icebox 

Where: Silver State Pie Co.  

Contact: www.silverstatepieco.com 

Price: $6 

Growing up, I had an obsession with Oreo pie. It was the driving force to get through my meals—a reward for cooperating during dinners out with my family. A relic of the past, Oreo pie is hard to find on menus anymore, so you can imagine my inner child’s delight when I saw it was a featured dessert from the Silver State Pie Co. truck. 

I am consistently impressed with what the pie guys, Colten Johnson and Jason Stewart, concoct each month—and the Oreo pie is no exception. It’s a perfectly light, cold and sweet treat to enjoy on a warm summer evening. With an Oreo cookie crust and fluffy whipped cream topping, it’s exactly what I remember loving as a kid—except somehow even better.